In August of 1993 we formed a non-profit corporation called City of Refuge in Nevada and began looking for land suitable to build a many bedroom home. Stoddard Jacobsen heard of our project and donated 40 acres in honor of his wife, Jewel Jacobsen. The Jewel Jacobsen Grove is a memorial to her and Stoddard's generosity.

City of Refuge is a non-profit Nevada corporation qualified under the IRS Code 501(c)3. We are supported by tax deductible donation from private individuals, churches, private foundations, corporation and fund raising events. City of Refuge is administered by a self governing Board of Trustees who serve without pay. The Board members include: J.D. & Christine Sullivan, Pastor Brian Borgman and Pastor Vic Rice.

All services offered at City of Refuge are free to the moms. No one is charged for any help they receive. Each women who wants to live at City of Refuge is required to have testing for communicable diseases, fill out our questionnaire, and have a personal consultation (unless coming to our home in circumstances that need immediate attention because of harm to the unborn baby or mom). Residents are required to sign an agreement of compliance with house rules and policies. City of Refuge is a Christian home and all aspects of the bible will be taught, counseled and experienced during a woman's stay.